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CSG is ranked #9 among firms with fewer than 150 employees.
Sometimes your best call center solution is outsourcing.  Customer Solutions Group’s (CSG’s) call center offers outstanding sales and service solutions to firms of every size.  Since 1993 CSG has specialized in tough sales and complex service challenges for firms demanding high quality representation to their prospects and customers.
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Call Center Outsourcing Solutions

Customer Solutions Group outsourcing has greatly improved productivity, inside sales, telephone customer service, and overall business performance.  Using decades of consulting experience gathered since 1993, CSG will design your outsource program for success from the start.  Our unique methods focus on disciplined testing of various scripts, offers, and lists to determine the optimal approach.  We maximize list penetration while minimizing time to sale and cost per acquired customer.  Our specialty is programs between 3 – 25 agents.  After over 300 client engagements, CSG has the track record to improve your business.   We are your quality, domestic outsource partner AND offer expert consulting when its time to move or grow  your program in-house.  No other outsource provider combines our unique experience running its own call center and consulting in others as well.

Call Center Consultants — From Startup to 1,000 Seats

CSG is there when you need us — no matter what phase of business growth you are in.  We will make sure your business avoids overpaying for costly equipment that delivers little sales or service value.  We shall establish a performance-based culture with state of the art scripting, reporting, and compensation structures.   CSG's custom designed training programs are tailored specifically for contact centers and enhance productivity and quality.  Our in-house experts can assure your telephone system and CRM are well selected and optimized for top performance.

Our Exclusive InsideSalesLab offers a unique approach to analyzing your business to identify where improvement can be found.   No matter what your contact center business needs — CSG can help!

Call Center Consultants You Can Trust

When you're in need of help with contact center consulting, inbound or outbound / sales or service, you can turn to many providers but few match Customer Solutions Group 's experience, expertise, and reputation.  For over 20 years and across 350 businesses, CSG has offered the advice, tools, and services to boost call center efficiency, reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction and increase sales.

Our telephone call center consulting services include:

  • Inside Sales Consultants
  • Call Center Consultants
  • Inbound Call Centers
  • Outbound Call Centers
  • Telesales Consulting
  • Telephone Customer Service Consultants
  • Email, Chat, Fulfillment, and CRM Consulting


Experienced Help With Inbound Call Centers

In today’s competitive business world, you need every advantage you can get.  At CSG, we’ll give you the edge over the competition with our full array of call center solutions.  Experienced call center consultants, telesales experts, and inside sales gurus will help you streamline operations to make the most of every customer interaction.  Through our exclusive STEP Process, you will learn to focus on the main principles of Strategy, Technology, Evaluation, and Production.  This process will have lasting effects on your business and the operations of your call center. 

Are you ready to find out how CSG can help?  Don’t hesitate—contact us today to get started.  Call us at (877) 274-5221 to find out more!  Feel free to contact us with questions—we’re standing by right now to assist you with your business.