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It's a fact...
With CSG’s proven inside sales systems, new trainees can often outperform existing sales agents.
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Customer Solutions Group's (CSG) inside sales consultants combine a keen operational knowledge of inside sales and possess excellent consulting skills including budgeting, project management, analytical skills, and a cost benefit orientation to improve telesales call centers quickly. Inside sales consultants at CSG bring many years of “real world,” hands-on telemarketing experience, including day-to-day operation of CSG’s own telesales call center in Denver, CO.

Our inside sales consultants help ensure our clients obtain optimal results in the shortest possible timeframes. Many of these highly trained professionals also have MBAs that augment their call center expertise with appropriate analytical tools and cost-benefit orientation.

CSG’s inside sales consultants are an integral part of our unique InsideSalesLab, which is where we use our exclusive STEP™ Process to build and fine tune our clients’ insides sales Strategy, Technology, Evaluation, and Production.

Contact us now to discover how CSG’s inside sales consultants can customize the necessary STEPs for your call center.

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