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Warm Transfer - Rational

Why Warm Transfers?

Efficiency and economy form the principle rational for CSG Warm Transfers.

CSG Warm Transfers Maximize your Lead Investment

Creating or purchasing leads is expensive; every business wants to maximize them but few actually do. CSG’s dialer is ultra-fast assuring near immediate response. Rapid dialing yields better response rates.

CSG not only dials rapidly but also deeply by dialing each lead the optimal amount of times spread out over the right day-parts. Our state-of-the-art dialer assures coverage that no sales person can possibly match. The dialer takes no days off and has no breaks so every lead is dialed rapidly and effectively.

Get more prospects out of your lead list with CSG Warm Transfers.

CSG Warm Transfers Minimize Sales Cost

Your valuable salespeople are capable closers but unfortunately they spend way too much time prospecting. During the prospecting phase of any sales process there are lots of answering machines, ring no answers, busy signals, and the like. Prospecting is the low-value part of selling; asking high cost closers to do it is inefficient.

CSG’s Warm Transfer service provides key prospecting support for only a few dollars per lead. Why ask expensive closers to prospect when CSG can do it for you at a lower cost?

CSG Warm Transfers Covers all the Details

Customer Solutions Group (CSG) is a warm transfer expert; we know that our clients are looking for the highest possible yield from their leads, full legal compliance, no customer complaints, flexible staffing, and top-of-the line data and reports. CSG offers all of these and more:

  • CSG consultants help you efficiently select and sort leads before they are dialed. We eliminate many low potential leads before any investment is made thereby reducing wasted budget.
  • CSG supports scoring models to assure only high priority leads are dialed
  • CSG identifies wrong numbers and other defects in a format designed to obtain credits for bad leads
  • CSG tests alternative scripting to achieve the maximum conversion rate
  • CSG remains on the line during the entire transfer process in order to minimize abandonment
  • CSG adjusts staffing flexibly to cover high and low volume day parts
  • CSG reports when your call center turns down transfers so you may adjust staffing to catch the greatest opportunity
  • CSG data captures every call outcome and exports it to you


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