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    CSG’s InsideSalesLab discovers the best way to sell anything over the phone. Learn more…

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  • InsideSalesLab improves customer acquisition for Fortune 1,000, Midsized, and Startup firms

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  • Testing is an excellent tool for growing sales.

Improve Inside Sales by Testing

Create your own Inside Sales Lab with CSG’s guidance and generate critical data to improve your inside sales results. All you need…

Strengthen Your Weakest Sales Link and Sell More.

Some inside sales operations are constrained by fundamental needs such as better systems, training, or reports. For these, foundational improvements can unleash sales improvements. CSG offers…

CSG’s InsideSalesLab: Discover How to Sell Anything.

Customer Solutions Group perfected inside sales testing at its InsideSalesLab where we discover the best way to boost sales for our clients. Created in 2005…

What is an Inside Sales Lab?

Many firms rely on inside sales centers

to generate new customers, upsell existing customers, or retain current customers. An Inside Sales Lab is a specialized sales operation that tests and measures different presentations, trials, terms and prices in various market segments to determine the optimal path to higher sales and retention. It methodically attempts various combinations of the key sales variables arranged in a test matrix. Successful combinations are retained until one best method is discovered and rolled out to the entire sales operation.

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Who Needs an Inside Sales Lab?

An inside sales lab is beneficial

to any firm with significant over-the-phone sales. The lab tests alternative sales processes to discover paths to higher revenues. The winners are rolled out from the lab to the larger sales force.

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