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Warm Transfer

The Internet has revolutionized how firms identify prospective customers.  Today, millions of prospects are found on line – some directly and many more by third party professional lead aggregators who sell leads.
Converting leads into customers requires skill, technology, and good work process.  Many firms invest and struggle; some do better.  The difference?  Speed, persistence, and technique.



Your prospects are someone else’s prospects too.  The firm who responds first blocks out his competitors. CSG’s custom dialer is ultra efficient reaching over 100 dials per agent hour within the confines of complex legal requirements.


One dial is not enough.  Automated lead handling with the right spacing, timing, and number of attempts is needed. CSG has perfected the right dialing methodology over the years.


Once reached, prospects must be sold by persuasive agents.  CSG’s 100+ sales agents sell for some of the most demanding companies in America.


Customer Solutions Group’s warm transfer service can maximize return on precious leads for your firm. Contact us for more information and a quote today.


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